CRISIS: 40 STORIES OF GROWING UP GAY IN AMERICA<BR>[available online and in stores]

What's it like to be called an abomination by your religious leaders? To live in fear of losing your family’s love? To be afraid to go to school because of bullying? In CRISIS, Mitchell Gold asked 40 gay Americans to share their very personal answers to these difficult questions. Many discuss long-buried feelings on subjects including suicide attempts, depression, fear, and isolation that are still part of growing up gay. Gold calls this a silent epidemic and mental health crisis affecting millions of gay teens. And he emphasizes how the crisis can be solved, with compassion and fair-mindedness–and by getting those whose words and deeds cause harm to stop. The book has been helpful to many in "starting a conversation" and can guide you in becoming better able to help gay kids in your family, congregation, or classroom. Contributors include designer Nate Berkus, Bishop Gene Robinson, and actor Richard Chamberlain, as well as Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams.
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