How do we achieve the comfort level that's synonymous with our brand? It's not just one thing. It's a mixture of things. We've dubbed it "the perfect mix". No one of these elements yield the perfect sit. Each element plays an important role in mastering this mix. Here are the components that bring true comfort to your life and home.



A strong component to this mix lies within our state of the art spring system. We designed this system using heavy arched 8-9 gauge springs (also know as sinuous or zig-zag) made from a minimum of 65% recycled metal. Securing these to the front and back of the frame with lined metal clips, prevents the rub of metal on metal; this eliminating "squeakage". Paper-coated cross wires fare then bound from side to side, allowing for even weight absorbtion. We space our springs a comfortable 3" apart; with double rows at each end for extra support in the corners; where most of us gravitate (especially our canine counterparts). Why did we decide against using eight-way hand-tied springs? Simply, they're not better. We discovered they don't offer a more comfortable sit, they aren't current in regard to technology and fresh design, and they aren't easier to repair. They are, however, more costly. Therefore to achieve "the perfect mix", we have decided serpentine springs are a far better option. Do you still listen to tunes via an 8-track player? We didn't think so.


Frame construction is a vital key to lasting strength and durability. Depending on the frame style, we begin with either 5/4" solid, engineered or a solid/engineered wood combination of kiln-dried hardwoods (maple, ash and poplar). All wood we use is logged under strict regulation, and monitored closely to ensure preservation of our environment. For added solidity, our frames/joints are double-doweled, wood glued and high-pressure stapled with corner blocks screwed into place. This system allows for structural integrity unlike any other.


We feel cushioning is the true source of a seat's power to please. Our product development team is obsessed with creating the most luxe cushioning. From our Eco-Luxe cushions to our ultra plush Eco-Down Blend cushions: each befits the most discriminating of bottoms.


Extraordinary in sit, our ozone-friendly, non-carcinogenic seat cushions are composed of high density and high resiliency foam that contains a renewable soy-based biomaterial. Wrapped with an abundance of regenerated fibers, the foam core is then enveloped within down proof ticking, which replicates the sigh-inducing whoosh when seated.


This superlative sit is achieved by placing our eco-luxe cushion within a zippered all-cotton casing (channeled like a duvet) and stuffed with a generous ratio of allergen-free down & feathers. Working together, these smartly configured design elements introduce a sink-in experience of newfound depth and luxury.