HAMMERED DOUBLE WALL WINE COOLER<BR>[available online and in stores]

The ancient art of hammered metal brings a textured and handcrafted feel to our modern barware, including this stainless-steel wine cooler. We love the elegant, eye-catching effect hammered pieces have on a room, like jewelry on an outfit. And while beautiful to display, it also has a practical side—stainless steel is durable and easy to clean, and it shows fingerprints less than polished stainless steel. Double walls keep wine cold and keep the cooler from sweating on the outside. From our hammered barware collection including a champagne bucket, cocktail shaker, bar tray, and ice bucket.
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+ color finish: hammered stainless steel
+ materials: stainless steel
style #
4.75"w 4.75"d 8"h