NATURAL MINERAL VERSICOLORED<BR>[available online and in stores]

All pieces are Indian “Zeolites” – all the same type of mineral, but they occur in many colors/crystal patterns, and no two are alike. The minerals are classified into color categories, such as apricot, purple, and cream. Those in this category, called "Versicolored" do not have one dominant color throughout. Rather they can have touches of variegated hues. These are some of the most rare and truly unique minerals, and this category is a personal favorite of the artisan who selects them. In his words:  "Here, all spectacular specimens are found that do not feature a dominant color. Because it is so diverse, some may feel initially timid about venturing into this radical color family, but here hide some of the most spectacular gems I encounter." 
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+ dims: 11"w x 14"h
+ frame: silver
+ made in the USA
+ weight: 5 lbs.
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