NATURAL SUNDIAL SNAIL SHELLS<BR>[available online and in stores]

A simple geometric display of the shells of sundials, mollusks that inhabit the shallow sandy waters of both coasts of North and South America, yields a soft, subtle, and very appealing piece of art. From our Mounted Sea Shell collection, the piece is set on white matte board and placed in a silver frame. Each work is an original, created with careful attention to the flow of negative space, complementary coloration, meticulous preparation, and specimen selection. Ideal for the right spot on its own as a graphic element with other type of art. Also especially powerful in multiples with other shell pieces from the collection.
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+ frame: silver
+ materials: 8-ply acid-free matte
+ weight: 5 lbs.
style #
11"w 2.5"d 14"h