There are leaders and there are followers.

We strive to be leaders by respecting and listening to our customers and consumers about what is important

During the Spring of 1989 we set out to create a company with a spirit, enthusiasm, and mindset that would allow us to venture into new territories for the furniture business. Comfort was made paramount. Costs of doing business would be minimized to ensure price points that would represent a recognizably outstanding value to customers. Applying rigorous standards for quality materials and quality control check points would help us achieve virtually no returns and, consequently, real consumer satisfaction. Sincerely treating all customers, as we ourselves would want to be treated became our principle for customer service.

And styling…styling had to be what we would want in our homes. We did not want to be silly with avant garde just to be different…rather, we wanted styling that at once would look inviting, it would make a consumer feel that with this purchase their house would better become a home…warm, welcoming…an oasis of quiet and calm.

And, our products had to be manufactured in a manner that is simpatico with preserving our rich environment for future generations.

All of these points are not idealistic gibberish, nor are they part of a phony marketing plan to get customers. Instead, they are sincere components of the way we want to run our business.

What has followed since our beginning has been a joyous exploration. A search for perfection, which has challenged the “old ways of the furniture business”, has repeatedly led to new ways of thinking for us…and for the many dedicated people who are part of our work force.

To you, our valued customer who had the confidence in us to give us a chance, we are, humbly, most appreciative of the opportunity to present our collection. If we ever do not live up to our “mission” or, more importantly, to your expectations, we would sincerely appreciate your calling or writing to us at your earliest convenience.

Mitchell Gold, co-founder and Chair-man, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams
Bob Williams, co-founder and President of Design, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams