The diverse yet synergistic management team of Mitchell Gold, co-founder and Chair-Man, and Bob Williams, co-founder and President of Design, has a unique philosophy - keep the customer in focus at all times. The customer has always been our number one concern. We go to great lengths to make sure our furniture exceeds the customer's expectations with regard to style, comfort, quality, value, durability, and livability.

In 1989 Gold and Williams successfully launched their upholstered furniture company, The Mitchell Gold Co. based in Taylorsville, North Carolina. And they are the visionaries for the company, responsible for overseeing its sales, marketing and design.

MITCHELL GOLD. Perhaps it was while he was growing-up in Trenton, New Jersey, that Mitchell Gold first thought of real furnishings for real families. "My brother and I were banished from the living room and we absolutely could not sit on the furniture," he says. Now, with his own furniture line of relaxed easy to care for furniture, everyone is allowed on the living room sofa. Gold is no stranger to the furniture business. Before heading-up his own company, Gold was a furniture buyer at Bloomingdale's, a manufacturing representative for Perugina Chocolates as well as for the Lane Company. In addition, he was the gallery director and national accounts director for Lane.
BOB WILLIAMS. Bob's approach to furniture design is as unique as it is marketable. Based on his observation of trends in ready-to-wear, he designed furniture he'd want in his own house. It had to be comfortable, good looking, affordable. Hailing from Texas, Williams started as an Art Director for Seventeen Magazine in New York. He knew that paying close attention to fashion, fitness, interior design and home furnishing trends, he could translate them into innovative, comfortable furniture designs. One of Williams' earliest ideas set the course for the company, and influenced the entire furniture industry -a look the company calls "Relaxed Design." "Our furniture is inviting, with the same toasty feeling you'd get visiting grandma as a kid," explains Williams. "I consciously design with the idea that someone will buy one of our sofas and still be in love with it 10 years from now." Williams continues to be an avid student of consumer behavior, reading over 30 fashion, fitness, and shelter publications a month. Along the way, he's received several awards from major shelter magazines like HOME Magazine, Elle Decor, Better Home & Gardens, as well as the Design 100 award from Metropolitan Home magazine for his work. When pressed to pin point the one secret of their success, Williams and Gold are quick to give credit to their lovable company mascot, Lulu.