We're Inclusive
Our Stance on NC HB2
People have been asking about our stance on NC HB2, the new law legalizing discrimination against LGBT people in our home state of North Carolina.

We believe it’s despicable AND MUST BE REPEALED.

Each time our Chair-man Mitchell Gold speaks out in the media, he makes it clear that HB2 is both an attack on the LGBT community–especially vulnerable teens–and toxic to society as a whole.

"As a North Carolinian, a businessman, and a gay man, I couldn’t be more disappointed with the legislators or with Governor McCrory who signed HB2. Even more than its economic effects, we must consider how it hurts young people."

"When I was that age, I cried myself to sleep because I thought I was broken and God didn’t love me. Think about an LGBT kid, particularly a transgender kid, seeing this in the media or hearing his or her parents say it’s a good law because we have to protect a business’s religious freedom–code for making it legal to discriminate. There's no excuse for harming innocent kids."

We’re also asked if we’d move our factory–to which Mitchell says: "We can’t. We’re needed here. We help challenge laws like this. We provide a healthy role model for both teens and adults. And it wouldn’t be fair to our over 600 dedicated employees, who would lose their jobs."

Our hope, adds Mitchell, is that you will not boycott us, but “BUYcott” us. Contrary to what the governor says, it isn’t North Carolina’s government that is inclusive. It’s many of the companies doing business in the state.
Take Action
1 Email Governor Pat McCrory and
NC Legislators to urge them to repeal NC HB2.
2 Make the “We’re inclusive” graphic your Facebook profile pic & share it in your Newsfeed with #RepealHB2.

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3 Learn more about Faith in America, the nonprofit Mitchell cofounded and consider a donation.