After seven fantastic seasons, CBS’s hit legal drama The Good Wife aired its final episode on Sunday, May 8. In addition to its amazing cast, the series featured another fan favorite: the sets. Created by set decorator extraordinaire Beth Kushnick, they often showcased our furnishings—and led to our working with Beth to create a collection for the show. Here’s Beth with an insider’s look at the life of a set decorator on a hit show:

  1. From the perspective of your 30–year career, what was different about this show?
  2. It was a game changer. It brought the craft of set decoration to fans in a way that had never happened before. The incredible media and fan attention to the look of the show made each set an additional character. They took on a life of their own and grew stronger each season. The ultimate compliment came when CBS wanted to give fans a way to shop from the sets and asked me to develop a way to do it. My collaboration with Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams became the first home decor license in TV history.

  3. Is there a set that speaks to the ground-breaking nature of the show?
  4. The offices of law partners Diane and Will. Rather than create traditional law offices, it was an opportunity to to present my vision of a modern law office, and it was exciting to see how it resonated with so many people. I loved when Mitchell and Bob told me the design was "powerful and compelling." My effort was for the offices to be true expressions of the characters. When you walk into Diane’s office, the furnishings clue you in that this a smart and stylish forward–thinking woman, and it’s not going to be business as usual. Meeting in Will’s office, you felt the same relaxed elegance he embodied as a character.

  5. How did the cast respond to the sets?
  6. It was always a pleasure to open a new set and see everyone’s reaction. Many of the cast wanted to know the backstory on my choices and where everything came from.

  7. What was one of your craziest moments, set–wise?
  8. Crazy defines the life of a set decorator. Having to problem solve daily and work within the hectic schedule creates a constant level of crazy.

  9. What was an especially moving moment?
  10. When Season 7 wrapped, we dismantled Alicia’s Apartment for good. Having all that history with probably what has become my most iconic creation on film brought many emotions. The crew was very respectful and supportive of how intense and personal it was for me, which was very moving.

  11. What made you choose our furnishings for the show?
  12. From day one my relationship with Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams has been one of creativity and ease. Having the quality as well as an understanding of how rapidly we work allowed us to do amazing things. "The Good Look Of The Good Wife," as we call it, would never have been what it is known for without this, and of course it was a thrill to collaborate with Mitchell and Bob on designs for each character.

  13. How do you feel about The Good Wife ending?
  14. It is bittersweet. A lot of life happened over these past seven years, which I will always cherish fondly. However, I’m now working on the upcoming CBS comedic thriller BrainDead, also created by Robert and Michelle King. It is a completely different look, but I’ve already used some Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams pieces. I think fans have much to look forward to, and I will keep everyone updated on Twitter — @BethKushnick.