How do we achieve the comfort level that's synonymous with our brand? It's not just one thing. It's a mixture of things. We've dubbed it "the perfect mix." No one of these elements yields the perfect sit.

Each element plays an important role in mastering this mix. Here are the components that bring true comfort to your life and home.


A strong component of this mix lies within our state–of–the–art spring system. We designed this system using heavy arched 8–9 gauge sinuous springs (also known as zig–zag), made from a minimum of 65% recycled metal.

Securing these to the front and back of the wood frame with lined metal clips prevents the rub of metal on metal; thus eliminating "squeakage." Paper–coated cross wires bind the springs from side to side, allowing for even weight absorption.

We space our springs a comfortable 3 inches apart; with double rows at each end for extra support in the corners; where most of us gravitate (including our canine counterparts).

Why did we decide against using eight–way hand–tied springs? Simply, they're not better. We discovered they don't offer a more comfortable sit, they aren't current in regard to technology and fresh design, and they aren't easier to repair. They are, however, more costly. Therefore, to achieve "the perfect mix", we have discovered that sinuous springs are a far better option.


Frame construction is a vital key to lasting strength and durability. Depending on the frame style, we begin with either 5/4 inch solid, engineered or solid and engineered wood combinations of kiln-dried hardwoods.

All our frames are constructed with two kinds of hardwoods: selected hardwoods, such as poplar, maple, and ash, and engineered hardwood—a highly durable framing material comprised of layers of hardwood laminated in a cross–grain pattern for greater strength than solid hardwood. Our frame–makers select the combination of these materials that creates the sturdiest frame.

All our frames are kiln–dried, which pulls most of the moisture out of the wood so that it won't warp or twist later. Frames not kiln–dried may also mildew and develop an odor.

Frames are constructed using double dowels on joints, high–pressure staples, wood glue and corner braces that are screwed into place. Screwing the corner braces into the frame is one of the most important attributes of a solidly built product. This system allows for structural integrity unlike any other.

All wood we use is logged under strict regulation, and monitored closely to ensure preservation of our environment. It is sourced from local domestic suppliers compliant with US Forestry requirements for harvest and reforestation.

Frames are precision–cut by computer. This is best for the environment, producing the highest yield from each tree cut.


We feel cushioning is the true source of a seat's power to please. Our product development team is obsessed with creating the most luxe cushioning. From our Eco–Luxe cushions to our ultra plush Eco–Down Blend cushions: each befits the most discriminating of bottoms.

Our cushions and poly do not contain flame–retardant chemicals.


Extraordinary in sit; our ozone–friendly, non–carcinogenic seat cushions are composed of high density and high resiliency foam that contains a renewable soy–based biomaterial.

Wrapped with an abundance of regenerated fibers, the foam core is then enveloped within down proof ticking, which replicates the sigh–inducing whoosh of down as you sit.


This superlative sit is achieved by placing our eco–luxe cushion within a zippered all–cotton casing (channeled like a duvet) and stuffed with a generous ratio of allergen–free down and feathers.

Working together, these smartly configured design elements introduce a sink–in experience of newfound depth and luxury.


Sinuous Springs: Based on our research and testing, a base of arched 8–9 gauge steel serpentine springs securely fastened together provides outstanding support and comfort. We know from experience this lasts as long or longer than an 8–way hand-tied spring system.

Woven Webbing: Interwoven high–quality Italian webbing is used for pieces with deeper seats and/or for many sectionals.

Rigid Sheet Webbing: Used mainly for seat backs, gives supple support and comfort, especially for longer pieces and sectionals.

Drop-In Spring Unit: Used to achieve the desired comfort level while accommodating design's size and shape demands.

Solid Seat: Mainly used for dining chairs, bar stools, and ottomans.

Cushions: All our cushions are manufactured in an environmentally safe manner. Every cushion is engineered specifically for each product to ensure correct seat–to–back relationship. We use high–resiliency (HR) foam, which is considered one of the hallmarks of fine furniture.

For our poly cushions, a 1.8 HR polyurethane foam core with up to 10% soy is wrapped in thick layers of 100% regenerated fiber and placed in a sewn 100%cotton ticking. In our duvet wrapped, down–blend cushions, the foam core is surrounded by an ingenious zippered cotton and poly–blend channeled "duvet"–style casing, filled with the perfect combination of duck down, feathers, and Dacron fiber.


Swivel Chair Mechanisms: These are made with heavy gauge steel, double–riveted for long life and have high–density molded caps to protect your floors. Our swivels are available in two options: the Full Swivel turns all the way around; the Return Swivel goes 180 degrees and returns to original position.

Sleeper Mechanisms: Sleeper mechanisms are tubular steel construction with a woven deck attached by helical springs and supported by cross–wires. The sidebars do not come above the mattress, which eases maneuverability on and off the bed.

Super Luxe Sleeper Mechanism: An extra–large handle makes it easy to open. Over 30 12–gauge chrome–plated springs secure the polypropylene decking to the tubular metal sleeper frame for added durability. An anti–tipping mechanism makes it so you can sit on edge and not worry about the sleeper tipping.

Luxe Sleeper Mechanism: This is an attractive commercial grade charcoal gray tubular metal frame with a no–tilt feature and a tilt–up headrest for watching TV or reading. The fall–away crossbar ensures you never feel the bar when you sleep—the number one complaint about sleep sofas. Slipcovered sleepers feature a Velcro "trapdoor" in the slipcover so you don't have to take off the whole slipcover to take out the bed.


We offer a choice of sleep sofa mattresses; Luxe or Super Luxe, depending on which model sleep sofa you purchase.

Super Luxe Mattress: This is an 8 inch thick mattress featuring a patented Z coil system and a zip–off pillow top. The mattress is 74 inch long with a water barrier that stops moisture from penetrating beyond the removable pillow top, preventing spills and accidents from penetrating the mattress. The 13 gauge patented Z–coils expand when the sleeper is opened and create a sinuous spring support effect when closed; providing a more flexible sofa base. It is easy to open, with a large handle.

Luxe Mattress: We use a premium 5–1/2 inch thick innerspring sleeper mattress topped with a 3–3/4 inch triple layer of fiber, giving you total mattress comfort. The mattress cover is classic creme and white damask ticking–stripe and finished with the Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams logo. It’s a quilted and tufted cotton–polyester blend, and is a Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams exclusive.


Leather: Markings such as wrinkles, stretch marks, and healed scars may show. Since leather is a natural product, texture and color may vary slightly from hide to hide and within the same hide. These characteristics make leather unique and are not considered defects.

Hair on Hide: Hair on hide is considered a leather, and like leather, it is a natural product, with markings, texture and color that vary from hide to hide, and within the same hide. These characteristics make it unique and are not considered defects.