Choosing the Right Cushion

Selecting a cushion for your custom upholstery is similar to selecting a mattress: What kind of support you prefer, your habits, and lifestyle, can all influence your preferred style of comfort. MG+BW offers three styles of cushion, each expertly engineered to ensure a comfortable sit for every taste.

Please note: In some cases, certain upholstery styles are only available in a recommended cushion style in order to provide the most comfortable seating experience.

A Cushion Primer

Eco-Luxe: Moderately firm support

Extraordinary in sit, our ozone–friendly seat cushions are composed of high density and highly resilient CertiPur-US foam that contains a renewable soy–based bio–material. Wrapped with an abundance of regenerated fibers, the foam core is then enveloped within a cotton/poly blended down–proof ticking, which replicates the sigh–inducing whoosh of down as you sit.

Eco-Down Blend: Sink-in, soft support

This superlative seat is achieved by placing our eco–luxe cushion within a zippered all–cotton casing (channeled like a duvet) and stuffed with a generous ratio of hypoallergenic down and feathers. Working together, these smartly configured design elements introduce a sink-in experience of newfound depth and luxury.

Signature: Sink-in support
with resilient, spring-back

With sink-in comfort, our Signature cushion borrows from the best in mattress innovation. A high-density CertiPUR-US foam core, together with foam layers, create a cushion of irresistible resilience, comfort, and durability. The unique airflow technology provides this cushion with the same end-of-a-long-day, pressure-relieving comfort as memory foam, but with an enhanced resilience that guarantees a lifetime, like-new appearance.

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Crafting custom upholstery is a personalized experience that we design around you. In addition to our selection of cushions, you can customize from more than 600 fabrics and 40 leathers with the help of one of our talented designers—or use our convenient online customization experience to visualize your dream upholstery piece.

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Cushion Care & Cleaning

To best maintain your cushions, the occasional reshape is recommended. Remove loose cushions and turn over. With flat hands, start at the center of the cushion, and slide out in both directions, ensuring cushion is not bunching within the fabric casing. Check cushion from all angles, smoothing stitch lines along corners. Turn over and repeat as needed. This process can be done as often as needed.

In the case of liquid spills, if fabric casing is removable: Immediately blot spot with clean cloth. Use a mild solution of soap and water as needed. Let cushion air dry completely before recovering. If the casing is not removable, please find specific fabric care in our fabric care guide.