How to Choose Leather Furniture

Leather furniture lends a timeless aesthetic that’s luxurious, durable and comfortable. Our leather furniture is crafted using top grain or full-grain Italian leathers that are soft and supple, each with unique characteristics.

As a natural material, part of the intrinsic beauty of leather is that every piece has its own unique character. When choosing the best leather furniture for your home, consider not only appearance, but also how texture, durability and use fit into your style of living.

A Leather Primer

Full-Aniline Leather

The most natural looking leather, full-aniline leather retains the unique physical characteristics of the hide. Color is achieved by immersing hides in transparent, nontoxic dyes. Full-aniline leather does not receive any surface pigment. While this type of leather may have less surface protection than semi-aniline and pigmented leathers, it is softer, and will develop a lustrous patina over time.

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Semi-Aniline Leather

Semi-aniline leather includes a small amount of clear or pigmented coating. This top coat offers a more uniform appearance and soft texture, with slightly better protection from staining and fading.

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Pigmented Leather

A pigmented color coating on the leather hide provides a more uniform appearance and obscures imperfections. While this type of surface coating increases durability and resistance to staining and fading, pigmented leather does not develop a rich patina over time.

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Nubuck is a top grain, aniline-dyed leather that has been lightly buffed to create a suede-like nap or pile. Nubuck has a soft texture, and tends to wear better than suede, which makes it a more durable option.

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Crafting custom upholstery is a personalized experience that we design around you. Customize from 40 distinctive Italian leathers or hundreds of fabrics with the help of one of our talented designers, or use our convenient online customization experience to visualize your dream upholstery piece. Start today by choosing as many as 10 fabric swatches in store or online, and we’ll ship them to you at no cost.

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Leather Care & Cleaning

To maintain the natural beauty of your leather, simply dry-dust or vacuum. For suede and nubuck, supplement vacuuming with a soft suede brush.

  • Leather spills: Dab immediately with a clean, dry white cloth. Longer set spills: Use lukewarm distilled water and a soft white cloth to massage stain and surrounding area. Blot dry.
  • Nubuck or suede spills: Follow the above steps, then massage with a suede brush to restore the nap. 
  • Need more care help? Call MG+BW Customer Care at 1-855-730-9999 or send us a message, or Uniters North America at 1-800-300-2359.