Lost Art Salon

We are proud to partner with Lost Art Salon on a unique exclusive collection of art in the Modern style. Carefully chosen, each limited-edition piece arrives framed and ready to hang, allowing you to curate your walls in ways that speak to your individual style.

Rob Delamater

The artist and Lost Arts Salon cofounder works in printmaking, painting, and collage. Inspired by the California desert and coast, and by objects, stories, and people from the past, his art combines simplicity with the Japanese concept of wabi sabi, finding beauty in imperfection.

Gaeton Caron

Living and working in Mendocino, California, the artist and Lost Arts cofounder is inspired by the surroundings of his off-the-grid home/studio off the California coast. His Monochromatic Landscapes Series depicts shadows, shapes, and reflections found in nature. 

Calvin Anderson

The San Francisco painter, printmaker, and designer began creating his ink drawings and exploring abstract impressionism while working as a commercial art director in the 1950s. His Modern Figures Series uses simple brush work to depict motion and mood. 

Mary Pomeroy

A published botanical illustrator, the artist’s work shows a keen eye and deep love of science and the botanical world. Her watercolors on paper feature coastal scenes from her many plein air painting sessions with her artist husband along the California coast.