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In 1989, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams gathered 23 team members with a singular vision—to make the world a more comfortable (and stylish) place. From its Taylorsville, North Carolina home, this jewel of a company has grown to a team of over 700 people with stores both in the US and overseas. And we are still growing strong…

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams’ singular style has made us one of the most sought-after tastemakers in the business with an approach that encourages style for all. Our collections can be found in many famous people’s homes, many not so famous people’s homes and on screen. We are also regularly featured in magazines, TV and a variety of media locations.

With a focus on providing comfort on the road; Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams pieces can also be found in a wide variety of restaurants, fine hotels and public spaces.

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We believe in making the world a more comfortable place—for everyone. With this in mind, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams strives for equality and human rights; proactively supporting a wide range of charitable efforts.

LGBT equal rights and education remains one of our core focuses. With this in mind, Mitchell Gold founded Faith In America in 2006.
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With a background in business and a growing reputation for enviable style; Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams embarked on a quest to share their vision for a more comfortable world. Hailing from very different backgrounds; they provided the ingredients for the perfect blend of fashion, fun and functionality that we have poured in to the MG+BW brand.

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Our Home

Based in rural Taylorsville, NC, in the heart of Furniture Row; our plant is the heart and home of our brand. Made in the USA is a huge part of our vision—we build all of our frames and spring, pad and cover our furniture by hand in our on-site factory. Each piece is assembled carefully by skilled artisans to bring you a true work of art that will stand the test of time (and family!).

Eco-Friendly Design

We’ve been making environmentally intelligent decisions since our inception—from how we create fine furniture to how we pack and ship our products. We understand that our true home is the planet and we want to keep it safe for generations to come as members of the Sustainable Furnishings Council.
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Family Values

We have seventy-seven children. Of the things we’ve done as a company, our on-site not-for-profit child enrichment center is one of our proudest. We provide employees and outside community members with a safe, friendly and fun home away from home for their children to learn, grow and flourish. Our goal is to create company benefits that make families’ lives easier and having our children on-site with our staff not only simplifies things but also enables our families to bond throughout the day. From high-chairs in our café so kids can eat lunch with their parents to our outdoor play areas, MG+BW is family friendly.

We’ve also taken advice from our kids! We design for people who have children. Our designs not only have to look beautiful but also stand the test of grubby fingers and busy kids. We noticed that children have short legs and that when sitting on a sofa, their shoes leave marks so we developed easy-care slipcovers to give homeowners the ability to keep a stylish home and accommodate their children. Kids like to touch and feel, they like to climb. Family homes are not museums and since our ethos is that every house should be home for every person, we strive to make our furniture as family friendly as possible.

Healthy Living

We consider ourselves a family and our health is therefore paramount. Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams offers an on-site health center, staffed by two RNs where employees and their families can drop in or make an appointment at any time of the day for routine testing, to discuss health concerns and even obtain prescriptions for some basic medications—free!

We also offer an on-site gym and healthy living incentives, including our weight loss programs. Café Lulu is a family-friendly on-site restaurant, which offers a wide selection of healthy meals, prepared by our on-site chef, Sean, and his staff for breakfast and lunch. Our daycare participates in the Shape NC: Healthy Starts for Young Children program, which encourages healthy, balanced eating and exercise in our kids. The program even includes a garden, which our kids plant and then harvest for meals so they can learn early on the importance of organic foods.


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Lulu captivated our hearts from the moment we met her. The runt of the litter; Lulu was an English Bulldog and the pride and joy of Mitchell and Bob. Over the years, she appeared in many of our ads and in many ways became the ’face’ of MG+BW. However, as they watched her grow, she became one of the most enduring influences for the company. Mitchell and Bob watched her go through her day with one singular mission—to find things that made her feel comfortable. From a soft sofa to a belly rub—she instinctually understood comfort, and we wanted our customers to appreciate the feel of a soft chair and make themselves at home in their surroundings.

Sadly, Lulu passed away in 2007 but her legacy endures every time we build a cozy spot to curl up in.


With a background in business and a growing reputation for enviable style, Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams embarked on a quest to share their vision for a more comfortable world.

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Whether your strengths are in sales and interior design, artisanal craftsmanship, product design, logistics, eCommerce, technology or the behind the scenes wizardry that makes our business run and our customers happy, we would love you to join us.

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