Our Values

Our Values Our Values 2


We provide comfort. For everyone.
We were once a jewel of a company 23 persons strong and growing.
We are now a jewel of a company 900+ persons strong and growing.
We create our upholstery in America.
We create jobs for our economy.
We are forward in thinking and design.
We look backward to learn.
We are unpredictable.
We love to laugh.
We are in the homes of many famous people.
We are in the home of many more not so famous people.
We believe in we. Not I.
We believe children enrich our lives.
We believe in enriching the lives of our children.
We don’t like mean people.
We obsess over minutia.
We believe in giving great service.
We are active in the pursuit of equality.
We provide consistently good quality.
We deliver consistently on time.
We are timeless.
We love pets.
We give to our communities.
We work with the best merchants and tastemakers.
We sell our collection in the most spectacular of retail environments.
We love to entertain.
We love to be entertained.
We are traditional.
We are non–traditional.
We love what we do.
We never miss a meal. Ever.
We create an environment of mutual respect.
We respect our environment.
We believe in providing customers with value.
We value our customers.
We are curious about everything.
We are stopped by nothing.
We are on a mission to make the world a more comfortable place.
We invite you to please join us.