Pet Friendly

Pet Friendly

For many years, Lulu was our muse. Each day, she faithfully came to work at our factory to fulfill her role as company mascot. Making her way from one desk or chair to another, she was always searching for a cozy place to sit. When it came to comfort, she was our in-house expert.

Although our beloved Lulu passed away in 2007, her legacy continues with each cozy landing we help create. When we design home furnishings, we keep pets – and their people – in mind. From washable sofa slipcovers and pet throws to drool-forgiving and performance fabrics, we make sure to offer easy-care options for the four-legged companions in our lives. Not only are pets welcome in our homes, but we also love seeing your pets in stores, where they can also experience the comfort of our collection.

We also honor Lulu’s spirit in other ways: when we eat lunch at Café Lulu, our company’s onsite, chef-run cafeteria, or when we are greeted by smiling children in LuLu’s Child Enrichment Center.

Lulu is not the only one to steal our hearts. More recent additions to our family are Bob and husband Stephen’s lovable French bulldogs, Lily and Violet, and Mitchell and Tim’s adorable Doberman, Zola, who has quite the following on Instagram. Follow Zola’s amazing adventures here: @amazingzola

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