Spirit of Generosity

As a brand, we seek to do good and give back, advocating throughout the year for equality and human rights, while supporting charitable efforts in our local community, and nationwide.

During the holiday season, our hearts are especially full, as we feel even more inspired to make the world a more comfortable place: for all. Our wish for comfort extends not just to you and your family, but also to our animal companions, who often have their own special stories and needs.

Picture of Little Champ

Meet Little Champ

When Mitchell and his husband, Tim, first adopted LC, also known as “Little Champ,” from their local Humane Society, they knew right away she was special. Injured by her mother as a puppy, LC took several months to heal while in their care. After taking LC to see a specialist, Mitchell and Tim learned that she was born with water on her spine and would never be able to walk. Now, after several surgeries, hydrotherapy, and being fitted with wheels to assist her, LC lives an active and happy life.

In addition to adopting LC, Mitchell and Tim continue to foster puppies from their Humane Society, providing love and care, training, and the chance to find a forever home. We also choose to support our local Humane Society as a company, donating each year to the nonprofit’s annual fundraiser and its capital campaign.

In the spirit of generosity, we encourage you to help animals this holiday season by donating to the Humane Society of the United States. Your generous support can make an impact in the ongoing fight to protect all animals.