Built for Good

Since 1989 we've been devoted leaders of environmental sustainability, from how we design and craft our products, to who we chose to work with, to how we pack and ship our products.

Built for Good

We source our materials and curate product from consciously chosen origins.

Sustainable Forest

Our wood furniture frames are responsibly sourced from renewable forest.


Leather scraps from our factory are diverted from landfill to the fashion industry for use as purses, belts and other smaller products.

Natural Materials

Regenerated fibers like soy are used to create the foam in our cushions, and we use water-based biodegradable glue on our frames.

Fabric to Finish

Fabric to Finish

We offer natural and eco-friendly recycled fabrics, and use finishes on frames with low VOC emissions.

Sustainable Certifications

Sustainable Certifications

Partners in Sustainability

We responsibly source sustainable materials and products from design partners who share our vision of a greener earth. Our product collections include pieces made from reclaimed wood, recycled materials, natural and organic materials and processes, and small-batch production to reduce waste.




Sustainably Crafted

Shop our favorite sustainably crafted bedding, wallpaper, rugs and
table collections—luxurious styles you can feel good about.