Thirty Years of Design & Innovation

To The Tastemakers

In honor of our 30th Anniversary, we invited editors, interior designers, and influencers to share first impressions and stories about tastemakers Mitchell and Bob. Read what some of them had to say about our co-founders’ home furnishing designs and the brand they built together over the past 30 years. Check back to read new stories through the year.

Tastemaker Name

Whitney Robinson

Editor in Chief, Elle Décor

My first real sofa was by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams. It was covered in a slubby soft greige linen and had a back as deep as a twin-size bed. It also had sumptuously proportioned rolled arms, and was filled with the most pillowy down I had ever sunk my body into. Like all their products, it also sported the perfect name, in this case the “Malibu,” which conveyed an irresistible sense of California coastal cool.

Did I mention it was too large by a factor of four? And my mother told me that the color of the linen would soil in the city soot. I ignored my better instincts, such was my lust after spying it during my lunch hour in the window of a furniture boutique in midtown Manhattan. I was smitten. I admit, of course (and with a little hindsight), that perhaps Mom was right—that the scale of the sofa was better suited to a glass-enclosed aerie overlooking Point Dume, than to my brick pre-war rental on lower Park Avenue.

But it still feels like one of the best decorating decisions I have ever made.

Why? The reason is simple. Like everything Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams have designed for the last 30 years (and they are still going strong) my oversized Malibu sofa felt grown-up but never old, smart but not pretentious, and rich but never gaudy. In other words: an object designed not just for looks, but for real living, now and forever.

Tastemaker Name

Robin Wilson

Robin Wilson Home

Maya Angelou once said, “The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.”

I met Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams a decade ago. It remains a special moment for me because they have never wavered with the kindness they exude.

Together with their comfort-inspired mission, they have created a home for so many people.

As a designer, that’s also my mission—to help others create comfortable homes, with a special focus on healthy living. I even wrote a book about it, Clean Design, and put Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams furniture on the cover.

Mitchell and Bob’s eco-friendly US-made upholstery is a perfect fit for my design principles—sustainable, reusable, recyclable, and nontoxic—allowing me to create clean and comfortable homes for my clients without sacrificing style.

Mitchell and Bob also give back to their employees, with an on-site day care center and good benefits. And they are advocates for social justice that contributes to the betterment of all people; in our community, and the world.

Rainey, my precious daughter, met them when she was two and they were throwing me what turned out to be a fabulous book launch party. From the moment they locked eyes she could sense their warmth. A sometimes-shy little girl immediately smiled and hugged them. She knew they were the real deal.

I’m thankful for all they do to make our homes healthy and comfortable, and congratulate them on 30 years of doing good business.

Tastemaker Name

Jill Waage

Editor in Chief, Traditional Home Magazine

High-gloss white paint. Stellar furniture forms. Both are indelibly linked in my senses to their showroom at the High Point Furniture Market. I first saw it as a (very) young editor in 1992. Its all-white, loft-like spaces were a visual reprieve as my head spun through my first market. I was new and their brand was still new, and I felt we were both on the verge of something good.

It was the era of the iconic brown leather club chair and roll-arm sofas with slipcovers optional. And Lulu, the bulldog living large in the showroom. At the time, I was not at all a dog person. I gave Lulu pats on the head and appropriately cooed.

Fast forward 28 years. They’re a success. I’m an editor in chief. Who knew? After dozens of new collections, feature stories, and a few more dogs (looking at you Zola),

I still swoon over the designs, cheeky names, and glossy paint at each market,

and admire how they continue to sense where style is heading before it happens (like the new traditional notes they added to their modern).

I appreciate their dedication to US manufacturing, their employees, community, and the planet. I’ve been a customer (shopping incognito!), and to great shock, I’ve become a dog person. My 100-pound yellow lab, Hank, is proof that their sofas (and washable slipcovers) stand up to real life with kids—and unexpected pets.

Coincidentally, Traditional Home also turns 30 this year. Together we’ve brought great design and fantastic design projects to consumers. Here’s to decades more! Thank you for making furniture shopping as much fun as choosing a new nail polish.